Do your research. Not doing research on the company you are interviewing with is a major strike against you in the eyes of the hiring manager. When the interviewer asks the question, “What do you know about us”? The interviewee really needs to be able to focus on what they have learned and be able to point out, if possible, a couple of interesting facts from the website or recent new releases to show the hiring manager that you have done your homework., Facebook, Pintrest, Google and many other resources are available for the job seeker to really be able to go in depth to research the company’s culture, job descriptions and some sights will actually have former employee feedback about the company. “I know someone here that can put in a good word for me”. Most recruiters would highly dissuade you from making that call, at first. Should you ask your friend for that word and then you do not like the job or worse, you do not receive the offer, then that could put your friend in an awkward situation with his/her manager. Make sure that you want the job, after the interview, before you reach out to friends and ask them for that word of recommendation. Most recent fashions trends are not always what make the most sense for a professional interview. Lay out two or three choices from your wardrobe and think about it for a moment. If you can see the company’s Facebook or other profile pages check out the dress of the employees, but keep in mind that you only have one shot to make that first impression. Black, dark blue or dark gray are always safe colors. One thing you must do – ask for the job. Hiring managers want to hear that you are interested in the position and you want the job. Do not leave them guessing. A nice thank you goes along way. When you are done with your interview, it is always advisable to have a hand written thank you note ready to be mailed as soon as you leave the interview. Your name, a day later, can boost your chances of hearing back from the company.

Article written by a NOARK member and printed in NWA Media