Springdale, AR--Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC

Dr. Adam Arroyos, PHD, the President/CEO is the author of “PerformanceGPA™: Achieving High Performance Through Service.”  

This book was written for individuals with a strong desire to accelerate their performance, engage their diverse and authentic-self, and contribute to the success of their company and community. Dr. Arroyos refers to this as Grandslam Performance, because it is proven that when an individual commits to a service engagement, they initiate the grandslam effect. That is, the invaluable experiences and development acquired through the service engagement will grow and accelerate the performance of the individual, their company, the benefactor of the service, and the community. He refers to the ability of an individual to achieve Grandslam Performance and of an organization to enable Grandslam Performance as their PerformanceGPA™ (Grandslam Performance Aptitude). The book includes two parts: Part 1 introduces the 7 Enablers of Grandslam Performance for the Individual, and Part 2 introduces innovative ideas for professionals from human resources, talent management, and diversity and inclusion departments, on how to enable Grandslam Performance within their workforce.

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