Celebrate Diversity Month

Did you know that April is diversity month? It was officially designated as diversity month in 2004, and it strives to help people gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other and their differences. To celebrate April diversity celebrations, consider new ways you can integrate diversity into your life. This could be considering implicit biases you have or how they impact the judgment of the people around you or asking questions to make connections with others. And help your next business go next level with online diversity and inclusion training!

 4/2: World Autism Awareness Day

In 2022, we’ll celebrate the 15th annual World Autism Awareness Day. The goal of this April diversity topic is to recognize people with autism and improve their lives both fully and meaningfully. If you know an autistic individual, you can work to understand them better by addressing them like any other person and taking time to listen to them.

4/2: Ramadan

Our April diversity calendar includes Islam’s most sacred month, which starts April 2. During this month, practicing Muslims will observe a strict fast from dawn to dusk. This “fast” includes abstaining from dawn to dusk. This “fast” includes abstaining from eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking cigarettes, and engaging in sexual activity. You can understand the practice of Ramadan better by trying this for a day. Be sure to include the pre-fast meal (shur) and post-fast meal (iftar) that Muslims consume. To inspire inclusion of Muslims and others, discover the 5 benefits of diversity training in the workplace.

4/15: Passover

April multicultural holidays include Passover, a Jewish holiday that commemorates the Biblical story of Exodus. Exodus is when God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Its main event is the seder, which is a festive meal where the Book of Exodus and related writings are recited in a set order.

4/17: Easter

Our April multicultural calendar includes Easter, the most significant Christian holy day that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus following his death. If you’re not Christian but want to celebrate this holiday in 2022, learn about the resurrection as told in the Bible, and have an Easter brunch with friends and family.

4/22: Earth Day

April diversity days include Earth Day, established in 1970 as an international day of celebration for the modern environmental movement, which 192 countries celebrate. We suggest selecting one thing you can do for the environment throughout the month of April to help contribute. Focus on your water consumption, waste, or go vegan! There’s so much you can do to save this planet that provides so much for you.

4/21-4/23: Gathering of Nations

April diversity month concludes with Gathering of Nations, a congregation of 500 Native American tribes. These tribes meet to celebrate their traditions and cultures each year in the largest event for North America’s tribes. This year, the event is returning to in-person but requires vaccination, a certified statement from a licensed physician, and a negative test 48 hours prior to entry each day.