Membership Options

NOARK currently offers dual NOARK + SHRM membership and Student Membership:


Add Arkansas/NOARK to your exisiting SHRM Membership.

Student Member

While Dual NOARK + SHRM membership is designed to meet the needs of people currently working in the HR field, student membership is designed for individuals just exploring human resources and preparing to enter the profession. Student membership is available to all members in good standing of chartered SHRM Student Chapters in the area or to individuals recognized by SHRM as At-large Student Members.

Student membership will also be available to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  1. You are enrolled in the equivalent of at least six credit hours per term in a degree-seeking program.
  2. Your coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management.
  3. Students must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and taking a minimum of six credits per term. While certificate programs are worthwhile educational opportunities, they do not qualify for student membership.
  4. Any person who requests a student membership and whose current professional employment and primary responsibilities are in the profession of Human Resources may be denied student membership.
  5. Anyone requesting student status may be asked to provide proof of enrollment. There is a three-year limit for student membership after which you may apply for Dual NOARK + SHRM Membership.  Student Members will be entitled to all benefits, rights, and privileges of Dual NOARK + SHRM Members, except that they will not be eligible to vote or hold elective office.

Membership Dues

  1. Dual NOARK + SHRM Membership: $65 + $244 (SHRM Membership Fee)
  2. Student Member: Free (If eligibility requirements are met)

IRC section 162(e)(3) denies taxpayers a deduction for dues paid to exempt organizations to the extent that the organization notifies the taxpayer at the time dues are paid that said dues are allocable to non-deductible lobbying and political expenses. IRC section 6033(e)(1)(A) requires exempt organizations that pay/incur non-deductible lobbying expenses to notify members of its reasonable estimate of the portion of the dues allocated to non-deductible lobbying and political expenses. The amount is less than 1%.