September 2023

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage and more!

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Navigate The Future

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Arkansas SHRM Conference & Expo

With our great line-up of human resources speakers & sessions, HR2023 will be an event that you won't want to miss. Join us October 18-20, 2023 in Ft. Smith to learn from the top HR experts and develop the strategies you need to succeed!

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2024 Board Leadership Opportunity

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Volunteer Leader Search

There's no better time than the present to take up board services with our great association. Click the link to find out what board roles are available for 2024, and let us know you are interested.

2024 Board Openings
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  1. Navigate the Future Conference

    Oct 18-20, 2023

  2. NWA Supervisors' Conference

    Nov 9, 2023

  3. 2024 Board Induction & Recognition

    Dec 14, 2023

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Welcome Our New Members!
  1. Brad Nelson, - Northwest Health
  2. Mandel Samuels, - University of Arkansas
  3. Melissa Spencer, - One Communications, LLC
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AAMSCO Identification Systems, Inc.

Featured Vendor

Little Rock, AR 72209 501-562-3737

AAMSCO Identification Products, Inc. is a 33-year-old Arkansas company specializing in identification, security and tracking applications. We provide the complete solution for your precise identification and security needs by offering the very latest technology for a wide variety of markets and applications. Our applications include Integrated Identity & Security, Campus Card, Electronic Accountability, Contactless Smart Cards, and Tracking. AAMSCO provides installation, training, and preventative maintenance service. At AAMSCO, our strength lies in the number of years the company has offered this technology and the cumulative years of experience our employees have to offer our customers.