Benefits of Joining a SHRM Student Chapter

It is the goal of Northwest Arkansas Human Resources Association to promote the professional development of future HR professionals through student chapters at area universities. NOARK supports SHRM student chapters, working to advance the HR Profession through support of Undergrad and Graduate level students.

If you are considering a career in human resources, a SHRM Student Chapter can be an invaluable resource throughout your eduction. Opportunities abound for networking, gaining crucial experience, and even chances for scholarship and grants to help with expenses.

Networking, Networking and Networking

Do you want to start a career in the HR Profession? You have come to the right place. NOARK lunch meetings, student meetings, human resources conferences and much more allow you valuable opportunities to shake hands and exchange information with HR Professionals all throughout our area. Don't wait until you are looking for a job, start meeting potential employers and peers now!


Entering the HR Profession, or any profession, can be tough. There are questions about your future career, or areas you would like more information about. We support members of our student chapters by seeking out a mentors to provide guidance, providing an information source with real world experience in the field of human resources.

Amazing Meeting Opportunities

As a member of a SHRM student chapter, you can attend NOARK membership meetings, where you can hear amazing speakers such as Don Soderquist or listen to a CEO Panel discussing the view of the HR Profession from the top. You also will have opportunities to attend student monthly meetings and hear professionals in the community speak on current local HR topics.

Start a New Student Chapter

There are many resources available to begin a new SHRM student chapter. All of those are available to you on the Student Chapters pages of the SHRM website.

Would you like to bring the benefits of a SHRM student chapter to your school in the Northwest Arkansas area? If so, please contact Carmen Stanley, PHR, College Relations Liaison, at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.   Carmen  will be happy to give you the information you need to create a new SHRM Student Chapter at your college or university.

Leadership Opportunities

Through creation of a student chapter of SHRM, you have the opportunity to take on a leadership role in the association and build your leadership, time management, and communication skills. You will gain invaluable experience that will help build an impressive resume before you even graduate.

Scholarships and Awards

Your hard work can be recognized with merit awards for your chapter, and you have opportunities to win scholarships. Don't pass up the opportunity to be a recognized student chapter of SHRM – or for free money for school!

Discounted SHRM Membership

If you start a student chapter, you can join SHRM for a fraction of the cost of a regular membership. You will have access to all the resources of a regular member, including career development, webinars, newsletters and more. There are many resources waiting for you as you prepare to enter the HR Profession – start a SHRM Student Chapter today!