aNNUAL Listing - Only $250*

  1. Contact Information

  2. Company logo on listing

  3. Web site link

  4. Description (up to 500 Words)

  5. 12 Month Listing/ 1 Category
        - If other categories are requested, there will be a $50 discount applied, making the 12-month cost $200 for the additional selected categories.

  6. Vendor directory will be mentioned with a QR code displayed on a slide at each meeting.

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The Fine Print

*All Directory of Services listings must be related to services and products offered to the HR industry. All listings will be reviewed prior to display on the site. Upon approval, listings will become immediately available and the 12-month listing period will begin. NOARK reserves the right to reject any listing or request modification of listing content.

Vendors will receive a featured spot on the NOARK  home page in the "Thanks for Supporting NOARK" section. Each Vendor will have the opportunity to include their logo and a short description with a link to their business's website. All Vendors will receive equal publicity, with a new vendor displaying every time the page refreshes. This is a great way to advertise your business and support the HR community.