About the Survey

The Walmart vendor community is unique to the Northwest Arkansas area. This is a micro-market of highly specialized jobs that are primarily sales, retail category management, supply chain logistics and analytical support positions.

NOARK realized there is a tremendous need for salary data by corporations who have set up shop in the Northwest Arkansas area to service their Walmart account. The survey consists of salary and bonus data for 21 distinct job titles. Twenty companies submitted data for the survey with household names such as Rockline Industries, Harvest Group, Kimberly Clark, and Tyson Foods to name a few.

NOARK hired the Johanson Group in Fayetteville AR as our third party independent consultant to collect the data and publish the results. During the survey development, a sub-committee of compensation professionals from five of the participating vendor companies was formed to write the job summaries to ensure they accurately reflect these jobs.

This will be an annual survey. For 2021 we plan to open the survey window for participants during the second quarter. Watch this website for the survey calendar and instructions on data submission.

2020 Vendor Survey Participants

  1. Constellation Brands
  2. Harvest Group
  3. Hormel Foods
  4. Island Ventures
  5. Kimbely Clark
  6. Reckitt Benckiser
  7. Rockline Industries
  8. Schreiber Foods
  9. Smithfield Foods
  10. Tyson Foods