According to SHRM "Emerging professionals are recent graduates who are just starting a career in HR. They have recently completed an undergraduate or graduate degree. They are also mid-career changers and those who decided to go back to school later in life. Regardless of how you received your schooling or your age, if you are just entering the field of HR, you are an emerging professional."  For more information contact our Emerging Professionals Chair at eat1@eau1eav1eaw1.

Supercharge Your HR Career: An Electrifying Adventure with NOARK! by Camille Dunshee
August 07, 2023 • Posted by JAMAIKHAN BOMAN

Supercharge Your HR Career:

An Electrifying Adventure with NOARK!

Are you ready to embark on an electrifying adventure that will turbocharge your HR career while making a significant impact on others? Look no further than the Northwest Arkansas Human Resources Association (NOARK) – your gateway to a world of unparalleled opportunities, designed especially for busy professionals like you! In this high-octane blog post, we'll show you why joining the NOARK HR Professional Board or Committee is the ultimate career accelerator and how you can ignite your potential while juggling your hectic schedule!

1. Ignite Your Network and Unleash Possibilities

In a fast-paced world, connecting with like-minded professionals can feel like discovering hidden treasures! Joining NOARK's Board or Committee unleashes a network of dynamic HR experts, all racing towards success in their careers. In the blink of an eye, you'll expand your circle, unlocking new career possibilities, exclusive job opportunities, and turbocharged mentorship that will propel you to the next level.

2. Power Up Your Skill Set with Lightning Speed

The HR industry never stands still, and neither should you! At NOARK, we provide you with a lightning-fast pace of learning, equipping you with the latest industry secrets and turbocharging your skill set. Our workshops, seminars, and training sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing your precious time.

3. Lead the Charge as a Trailblazing Leader

Are you ready to lead the charge and set new trends in the HR world? NOARK's HR Professional Board or Committee offers you the steering wheel to drive change and make a lasting impact. As a board or committee member, you'll be at the helm of exciting projects and strategic decisions, blazing a trail of success in your career and proving that you're the driving force behind your organization's prosperity!

4. Unleash Your Superpowers through Service and Impact

With NOARK, you have the chance to unleash your superpowers and be a guiding light for the HR leaders of tomorrow. Your expertise will empower emerging talents, guiding them through their journey with electrifying mentorship, and transforming their career trajectories. Be a hero in the lives of others and watch the HR community thrive under your guidance!

5. Speed up Your Reputation and Make Heads Turn

Imagine your career soaring to new heights, with industry leaders turning their heads to catch a glimpse of your success! Serving on NOARK's HR Professional Board will elevate your reputation and visibility like never before. From high-octane networking events to exclusive opportunities, you'll be at the center stage, racing towards success, and making a mark in your industry like a superstar!

6. Supercharge Your Arsenal with Exclusive Resources

In the fast lane of HR, having a well-equipped arsenal is essential for staying ahead of the pack. As a NOARK Board or Committee member, you'll gain access to turbocharged resources, including research reports, cutting-edge publications, and specialized training materials. Your toolkit will be packed with dynamic insights and strategies to tackle any challenge and emerge victorious!

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and ignite your HR career with unparalleled energy and impact? Join the thrilling world of NOARK's HR Professional Board or Committee today, where you'll rev up your network, charge your skills, and be a true leader of the pack. Busy professionals, don't miss this adrenaline-pumping opportunity – your electrifying adventure awaits!