According to SHRM "Emerging professionals are recent graduates who are just starting a career in HR. They have recently completed an undergraduate or graduate degree. They are also mid-career changers and those who decided to go back to school later in life. Regardless of how you received your schooling or your age, if you are just entering the field of HR, you are an emerging professional."  For more information contact our Emerging Professionals Chair at eat1@eau1eav1eaw1.

Supercharge Your HR Career: An Electrifying Adventure with NOARK! by Camille Dunshee
August 07, 2023 • Posted by JAMAIKHAN BOMAN

Are you ready to embark on an electrifying adventure that will turbocharge your HR career while making a significant impact on others? Look no further than the Northwest Arkansas Human Resources Association (NOARK) – your gateway to a world of unparalleled opportunities, designed especially for busy professionals like you! In this high-octane blog post, we'll show you why joining the NOARK HR Professional Board or Committee is the ultimate career accelerator and how you can ignite your potential while juggling your hectic schedule!

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