A message from Darrin Coon, Immediate Past President.

Each year NOARK recognizes a few people for their outstanding achievements in the HR field. It is a real honor to be selected by your professional peers, and I am certain that the award recipients will always cherish their special recognition.

First I want to thank the entire NOARK membership for your input into the nomination process. We heard from many of you, and this adds meaning and substance to our nomination and selection process.

Second, I want to give special thanks to the awards selection committee for taking on the impossible task of reviewing the nominations and making final selections.

Members of the awards selection committee include: Brian Sorensen, Cathleen Hoffman, Jean Madden, Elizabeth Farmer, Pat Bates, and myself. Thank you for your special contribution to our annual awards.

Finally, it is only fitting to say that each of those being recognized have made a substantial impact upon the rest of us by:

  • Leading by example;
  • Showing courage in the face of troubled economic times;
  • Being an encouragement to countless others in the HR profession.

So, thank you, all, for your very good example.

Committee of the Year

First, we will recognize our NOARK Committee of the Year. This award goes to the NOARK committee that has made the biggest impact toward "Advancing the Profession" and "Serving the Professional."

  • The chair of this committee first distinguished herself as a student leader.
  • When she presented before us several years ago, we immediately wanted to recruit her to the Board. That was a very good decision.
  • She is an encourager, who only seems to see possibilities.
  • Under her leadership, her committee has established a whole new student chapter at John Brown University.

It is with great honor that we recognize our NOARK Committee of the Year, College Relations.

Please join us in congratulating Megan Cherry, Committee Chair, and the following Committee Members:

  • Dr. Chris Confer
  • Rick Teague
  • Tanya Hammock
  • Ashley Nail
  • Broderick Daniels
  • Rickela Mayo
  • Michele Plumer
  • Joe Byrd
  • Danelle Boyster
Diversity Champion

Not awarded every year, the Diversity Champion award is for one among us who shows leadership and vision in the promotion of diversity.

  • Our recipient is a recognized diversity leader among HR professionals,
  • She is also a recognized diversity expert in the entire NW AR region.
  • Did I tell you she is fluent in her much loved Spanish?
  • And, did I mention that she was featured in the media for her visionary diversity leadership and service?

It is with great honor that we recognize NOARK’s Diversity Champion of the Year, Kathryn Birkhead.

Honorary Member

Each year, at the discretion of the Board, NOARK may choose to recognize a retiring member who has a long, faithful, and respected history of service to the HR profession. In addition to saying thank you for your faithful service, this is also our way of saying please continue to join us often and know that as an honorary member, you will enjoy honorary lifetime membership with NOARK.

  • Our recipient is an innovator and an educator,
  • And has made relevant graduate education accessible to many among us.

Please join me in recognizing Alex Mironoff of the University of Arkansas.

Pillar Award

Not awarded every year, this award goes to a long-standing member of NOARK who consistently makes an impact on the HR Community through their active service to NOARK.

  • Our recipient is a long-standing member of NOARK.
  • She is a mentor to many and a recognized expert in continuing education.
  • She is the reason that so many among us are professionally certified.
  • She is a visionary who knows how to identify needs and develop solutions.

It is with great honor that we grant the 2011 Pillar Award to Judith Tavano.

Member of the Year

This award is not given every year, but is reserved for those special individuals who give distinguished service to NOARK.

  • Our recipient has taken her committee to a new level of service.
  • Everything she touches seems to run better and more smoothly.
  • She has become a go-to person for many other HR professionals.

It is with great pleasure that we honor the 2011 NOARK Member of the Year, Sheryl Jegen.

Rising Star

The NOARK member who has demonstrated the potential to be a positive impact on the HR community.

  • Our recipient has been very active in the Membership Committee.
  • Assisted greatly with the Diversity Conference.
  • And will be our new Membership Chair.
  • He has assisted whenever called upon.

It is with great honor that we recognize NOARK’s Rising Star, Brent Carroll.

HR Professional of the Year

This award recognizes an individual that has shown outstanding service and has promoted the profession of Human Resources Management.

  • In many ways, it is the most coveted award.
  • Our recipient has distinguished herself as a source of wise business-like leadership.
  • I can tell you that I always feel better when I see her at Board meetings.
  • She is a long-term member of NOARK.
  • She previously served as the Wage and Benefit Committee Chair.
  • She is also our President-Elect.
  • She is a friend and a mentor to many of us.

It is with great honor that we recognize NOARK’s HR Professional of the Year, Elizabeth Farmer.

Out-going President Recognition: Brian Sorensen
  • It’s been a fabulous year.
  • You have provided NOARK wise and visionary leadership.
  • And, your sense of humor has reminded us to keep it all in perspective.
  • In grateful appreciation for your outstanding service.