JOIN TODAY!!!   NEW TO NOARK 2015                                                                

Be a part of the “In Crowd” and join NOARK’s "CLUB 15" to support the SHRM Foundation

What are the benefits of being a part of this Club?

  • $15.00 one year membership
  • Club members  -  entered for monthly drawings
  • Specials & Discounts determined by the Board throughout the year
  • Recognition added to your badge for meetings

 More Exciting Benefits to be determined! Pay by check/credit card/cash

Drawing for FREE 2015 ARSHRM Conference & Expo Registration at the March 12th Meeting!!!

If you have already registered and paid – you could get a refund!!

At the SHRM Foundation, we are a catalyst for thought leadership. We help predict where the workforce is headed because we’ve been studying its evolution for more than 40 years. We offer unmatched workforce knowledge for progressive leaders, with a total focus on studying and reporting the management practices that work.