Notable Neighbors (Featured in METRO magazine)

Sheerah Davis, VP, Mitchell Commications Group, Springdale

Almost three years ago Sheerah Davis relocated from Nashville, Tenn., to Springdale, where she lives with her husband, Dr. Colby Davis, a teacher in the Springdale School District, and their daugher Shelby, 9.

Davis came for the opportunities both her job and the local area provided, then fell in love with what the area has to offer beyond work in terms of arts and entertainment, night life, shopping and scenery.

With its own vibe and culture.  Northwest Arkansas has a definite effect on the way her employer, Mitchell Communications Group, goes about its business, and it has also had an effect on Davis, who has found the Ozarks region to be a nice replacement for the hills and mountains of Tenessee.

When she spoke wit us.  Davis was still anticipating that one quintessential experience that exists for most Northwest Arkansas residents -- her first Razorbacks game.


Favorite Things About Northwest Arkansas:  I love the pace of life in Northwest Arkansas.  I also enjoy the time I spend with my family and I love that we can get out and attend curtural events like the Juneteenth celebration or the theatrical plays at the Art Center of the Ozarks...and I have thoroughly enjoyed the exhibitions featured at Crystal Bridges.

Restaurants:  The Catfish Hole, Greenhouse Grille and Fish City Grill.

Shopping:  I love shopping at the Promenade Mall and the new Walmart that was just built on Elm Springs.

HOW HAS BEING HEADQUARTERED IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS BEEN A PLUS FOR YOUR COMPANY? I believe it has given Mitchell Communications Group a uniques advantage.  It has allowed us to partner with Fortune 500 companies that reside in our backyard while enjoying the benefits of living in Northwest Arkansas which offers and excellent quality of life which is also a great recruiting tool!

DOES THE REGION IMPACT THE THINKING PROCESS AND THE TYPES OF IDEAS YOUR PROFESSIONALS DEVELOP/  IS IT IN ANY WAY CONDUCIVE TO THE CREATIVE PROCESS? Northwest Arkansas has a definite creatvie vibe; in fact, Mitchell Communications Group has its own in-house creative team.  We know the creative industry  to play an important part in future besiness development in the area.  Because the creative industry in Northwest Arkansas is able to enjoy a solid infrastructure with strong clients and businesses, I expect to see more creative businesses migrate to the area over the next five to 10 years.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS LIVED IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS AND IF NOT WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE? I was born and raised in Memphis, Tenn., but most recently lived for 12 years in Nashville, Tenn.  The opportunity to work in Northwest Arkansas is what brought me and my family to the area almost three years ago.  Learning about the career opportunities, excellent educational institutions and recreational options helped us to see we could enjoy a great quality of life here.  We loved the hills and mountains of Tennessee and felt the Ozarks would fulfill that love of nature for us as well.