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Here you will find literary tidbits on state and federal legislation as it relates to the Human Resources field. Laws are constantly changing and staying up-to-date is imperative as an HR Professional. We hope you find this blog a useful tool for answering questions and raising awareness of legislative issues. Would you like to contribute to this blog? Is there a specific topic you would like to see addressed here? If so, please contact NOARK Legislative Chair at eat1@eau1eav1eaw1.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield: Support the Arkansas Health Benefit Exchange
March 28, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

You may have heard that the Arkansas House Insurance and Commerce Committee will be voting at 9 a.m. tomorrow (March 25, 2011) on House Bill 2138, wh…

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Urgent: Contact Your State Representative About SB593
March 23, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

All HR Professionals: SB593, which provides much needed reforms in the Arkansas Unemployment Compensation System, has been passed by the Senate and …

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ARSHRM Professionals: Your Support is Needed!
March 17, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

All HR Professionals: As you all should know by now, the Arkansas Unemployment Trust Fund is seriously in debt to the Federal Government.

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HB 1873 Concealed Weapons
March 14, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

All HR Professionals:The House of Representatives “railroaded” a bill to passage which would allow any employee with a concealed weapon p…

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HR News Update
March 11, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

March 4 Federal Regulatory Developments Federal Agencies Continue Brisk Rule-Making Pace While Congress continues to debate proposals to fund the f…

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Legislative News from ARSHRM
March 11, 2011 • Posted by Fritz Melissa

All HR Professionals: Last year, the Arkansas Supreme Court decided that an individual (supervisor, manager, HR professional, etc.) could be sued pe…

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