The 89th Arkansas General Assembly convened on Monday, February 10, 2014.  Bill filing started on January 13.  To date there are 138 Senate bills and 150 House bills.  

Yesterday, the House Select Committee on Rules met to review 13 filed non-appropriation bills.  All but the following bills were either skipped or tabled:

  • HR1009
    To authorize the introduction of a non-appropriation bill concerning filling vacancies in certain offices.
  • HCR1001
    Proposing an amendment to the Joint Rules of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Eighty-Ninth General Assembly.

No additional House Rules meetings are scheduled; however, the committee may reconvene upon the call of the Chair.

A meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Rules has not yet been scheduled.

Rob Moritz of The Arkansas News Bureau posted a story late yesterday afternoon reporting on comments that he gathered from legislative leaders that the House will move forward on its vote to reauthorize the private option while the Senate continues to look for enough votes for passage. Moritz reports information obtained from House Speaker Davy Carter, R-Cabot, indicating the Joint Budget Committee could consider as early as today Carter’s House Bill 1150, which is the budget for the state Department of Human Services’ Division of Medical Services, including the private option. “There’s not a set-in-stone plan at this very moment but it looks like we’re probably going to have some discussions as early as (Feb. 12) in committee,” Carter is quoted as saying Tuesday evening. The story continues to say that Carter said he wants to see the bill before the full House by the end of the week, “if possible.”

As to the Senate, the Arkansas News Bureau story says Senate President Pro Tem Michael Lamoureux, R-Russellville, told reporters he met with Carter Tuesday afternoon and the House Speaker “is wanting it sooner than later … at least in the budget committee, to talk about getting a vote and maybe even the House going first, then the Senate.” Moritz’s article continued its report on the Senate with: Lamoureux said it might be a good idea for the House to vote first because he still lacks the necessary 27 votes in the Senate to reauthorize the private option. “Still looking for votes,” he said. Lamoureux met with the Senate privately after Tuesday’s Senate session to gauge their support for the private option and to update some on what the plan was for running the bill. “You know how big that committee is,” he said about the Budget Committee. “A lot of times it’s only the people that are kind of in charge know what’s going on there and a couple of people asked me questions and I just finally said, ‘why don’t we just get everybody together and let (the budget chairman) go over all of what he is doing.”


Much of this information was provided by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce.

State Chamber/AIA Staff: