HR Technology


Craig North
Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone: 501-247-3064

KLONE, “the Knowledge Gathering Platform”, where your organization’s know-how and resources are available and actionable to everyone.

KLONE gathers & organizes the knowledge of your organization for your teams to access in real time. We will take the administrative burdens from you, while you focus on running your business.

KLONE works for you:

  • Identify, capture, and share best practices across your organization
  • Capture the best practices, tribal knowledge, and insights of your top performers and most experienced employees
  • Provide expertise to help companies to implement strategic initiatives and change management programs
  • Reinforce your investments in knowledge development and training
  • Ingest data from any source, so you can standardize and centralize access across your organization
  • Replicate the right practices and procedures across all your locations

For more information, contact:

Craig North
Little Rock, AR 72223

David Gillman
Tulsa, OK 74133