As an award-winning Women’s Leadership Coach, Alison Nail-Malone has a passion for Women in Leadership to reclaim and restore their personal power and transform their leadership essence for maximum influence, while overcoming overwhelm. With over 15+ years of leading game-changing initiatives, Alison has led recruiting and human resources departments, while benchmarking companies for sustainable leadership growth, business objectives, and results. Her commitment to Emerging through Executive Leaders is changing the way they perform at their highest level to create an exponential return on team dynamics and bottom-line interest while remaining true and authentic to, and for, themselves.

 On a personal level, Alison is the champion of two life-threatening challenges and knows firsthand the art of courageously facing seemingly insurmountable odds. She is a teacher, a noted public speaker, and an expert communicator for community, political and civil rights events. Alison also enjoys spending time with her family and visiting America's national parks (always on the search for Bigfoot!)