Not Us, Who? Retention Starts with Us.

July NOARK Membership Meeting

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A New York Times article in March of 2022, offered the following challenge: “What have companies done to upskill senior leaders and managers so that they are going back to the office with empathy? Because not one single person who re-enters the office in the next three months is the same as the one who left.” Add three months - and here we are, July, 2022. The question is, what are we doing to help our managers to retain the people who return, engage with those who are remote, include everyone, and provide their teams with the development they need to thrive in our new normal? That’s right. Us. HR. And if not us, who?

Join David Collins, Serve2Perform as he walks us through steps we can take right now to help our managers retain and sustain our talent.

Learning Objectives 

At the end of this session, HR Professionals will be able to:

1) Equip managers to retain and sustain organizational talent, 

2) Ensure inclusive leadership throughout their organizations, and

3) Empower business leaders to develop their teams for the rigors of 2022 and beyond.

Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield Springdale–NWA Corporate Center
5288 W Don Tyson Pkwy
Springdale, AR 72762