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Fundamentals of Project Management

Class at UARK

Categories: Workshop

This course introduces project management principles, management principles, terminology, and templates that will help participants understand how to effectively define, communicate progress, and monitor risks during the lifecycle of a project. Program content is applicable across all industries – including software development, human resources, logistics, shared services, and any other project-based environment. Real-world examples and case studies are used to demonstrate course content, allowing participants to create and define a project through-out the course in small-group settings.

*This course focuses on practical knowledge and application. It is not intended as a certification prep course for the PMP certification exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Project management introduction and terminology overview
  • Write a project charter, determine project scope and assemble a project team
  • Create a timeline, assign tasks and deliverables
  • Manage project risk and create contingency plans
  • Deliver project results

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