Company: Highlands Oncology Group

Location: Springdale, AR

Job Summary

Perform Benefits/Accounting related duties. Benefits, reconciliation of payroll liability accounts in the GL, light payables duties, and payroll backup are key responsibilities.

Detailed Job Description


Code and pay invoices relating to employee benefits via accounts payable in the accounting software by the first of each month.
Verify that the billing/payments of the employee benefits are accurate and match payroll deductions on a monthly or biweekly basis.
Balancing and reconciliation of employee benefit liability accounts monthly.
Calculation, entry and reconciliation of Company HSA Contributions
Prepare required paperwork and assist with benefits portion of orientation for new employees, as well as any other orientation duties, as needed, in coordination with HR.
Add and edit employee benefits elections in accounting software and/or benefits portal.
Calculating group term life at beginning of year and adjusting in accounting software so that anything over 50,000 is taxed. TFB monthly, with new hires added monthly.
Calculating the cost of health insurance for each employee, and adding for W2 reporting into accounting software prior to year-end, ACA tracking, and processing 1095c.
Assist employees and maintain employee files with all insurance plans; benefit processing and assist employees with claims, benefit terminations, and other pertinent information regarding these matters when needed. Provide employee census for insurance quotes on an annual basis.
In coordination with CFO, initiate and work together on benefits renewals.
Provide departing employees with COBRA and 401(k) information
Provide employees going on leave/FMLA with benefits and premium information, and coordinate payment.
Responsible for Highlands compliance with all Benefit Laws and Regulations.
Notify and recommend policy changes to supervisor as benefits law changes.
Maintain 5500 forms relating to group benefits and work with auditors on an annual basis.  Forward all information to our ERISA attorney for combined 5500 preparation.
Communicate all employee changes and benefit changes with the Human Resources co-workers.
Assists in clinic “Staff Events” as needed.
Prepare and maintain check-lists/ descriptions on how to perform the key duties of this job.
Review Payroll Processes, and 401(k) submissions on a quarterly basis to validate accuracy.
Enter new employees into the benefits portal.
Review part time hours for tracking from PR to Benefits Platform


Provide back-up for Payroll.  Duties are as follows: run payroll on a biweekly basis and all duties related, i.e., ACH postings, 941 taxes, 401(k) submission, HSA, State Unemployment, etc related to this. Also run payroll for Latte Da.
Provide additional back-up to Payroll regarding Quarterly Payroll taxes, filing and printing EE W-2’s on an annual basis.
Pay clinic refunds.
Calculate and send invoice for any leased employees
Pay and code select invoices.
Assist CFO or Company Accountant with accounting projects as requested.
Other duties as assigned by the CFO.
Travel between clinic locations, as needed.

This position shares duties with  the Payroll positions in order to make sure that employee needs are met on a daily basis. Each position, although unique with different duties, should be cross-trained in order for each individual to know the other position. Each position is designed to complement the others for the overall betterment of the Highland’s staff.

This position has access to confidential information concerning Highland’s personnel, salaries and health information. The position involves a variety of work, deadlines, interruptions and distractions. This position offers many opportunities for judgment, interpretation and the ability to function independently outside of supervision. This position requires compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, ability to keep a confidence, flexibility, open and professional communication, good listening skills, and focus.

 The physical demands of the position include frequent computer use, sitting for long periods of time, squatting and bending to file, with some lifting.

About the Company

Premier cancer treatment center for NWA region.




·        Excellent interpersonal skills.

·                  Some knowledge of principles of human resources.

General knowledge of accounting and controls.
Accounting and bookkeeping experience.
Experience running a full payroll from timecards to checks.
Benefits work experience.
High school graduate or equivalent. College education a plus.
Excellent oral/written communication and organizational skills a must.
Above average knowledge of Excel and Word.
Knowledge of MAS100 or QB a plus.


Competitive Benefits Package